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The teaching aids have been changed as the time changes. When I was a junior high school student, when I started to learn English from the very beginning, the cassette player was one of the quite new style teaching aids. Now, many teachers ar using computer, internet as well as smartphone or something. Anyhow, what matters in using the various teaching aids is that the teacher should get skilled in using them. If not, it can decrease the student's interest toward the class as well as the trust toward the teacher.The general topic in unit 9 is lesson planning. Lesson planning is a somewhat controversial thing, if you put too much into the lesson plan the lesson itself is going to be fixed and rigid, on the other hand if you don't plan you can get lost in the process. Lesson planning is very essential for inexperienced teachers, because they lack experience and are more prone to getting lost. From this unit I?ve learnt that the structure of the lesson plans I was making so far matches the suggested lesson plan structure.