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Establishing report with students right away is crucial because this is likely how the energy in the class will be throughout the course. That first day of class is an opportunity to set a tone that makes students feel comfortable. Beyond creating a cohesive environment the first day, teachers have to monitor students every class session to understand if progress is being made. In a sense, teachers are a juggling act which students are likely to be unaware of but are reliant on to have their needs met.We explored in this unit the use of the conditionals. We examined the structures and usages of the conditionals discussed in this lesson. Some teaching ideas were also offered to help the students grasp the material. We also looked at reported speech. We saw the difference between direct and reported speech. Generally when we report speech, we need to move the verb one tense back and change the pronouns when necessary. Time expressions will also need to be modified when we move the verb one tense back.