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This unit covered modals, passives, defining and non-defining relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. These are all areas of English grammar that I find interesting because they have so many pragmatic applications, and if mastered make an English learner's speech sound much more natural. For those exact reasons though, these topics can be difficult to teach, so I'm grateful for the explanations in this unit. As always, the teaching ideas, such as the doctor-patient role-play and focusing on a topic like driving to teach phrasal verbs, were very helpful.I had quite alot of technical issues in being able to download and stream these videos to complete this unit and unfortunately it delayed my ability to complete this course unit in the timeline i would have preferred. I was able to rectify this by viewing the videos via youtube but it may be worth having a closer look to see if other students are reporting the same issues. I am completing this off a MAC computer so am unsure if it is a processing issues or what not?. Aside from this the videos very clearly depicting a do and do not teaching approach.