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Course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers.For many students,compared to the course book,,materials created by the teacher are more interesting,more relevant and a welcome change from the course book.These materials can be divided into two groups:anthentic materials and created materials.From this unit,I've known about the materials of course books,the advantages of course books,the disadvantages of course book and the best use of course books.I've also known the four different options for course book use,and how to analyze a course book.In unit five I covered over the classroom management and how to establish an effective class. This allowed me to understand when I should focus on a student and how I can solve any of their learning issues correctly and timely. I learned about proper eye contact, TTT, STT, seating arrangements, rapport reports and disciplining. Also the pros and cons were given on certain grouping methods for the students. This will allow me to better select what type of seating and grouping I would choose in the future when I have certain learning activities planned.