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This unit divided up the different types of English proficiency tests, explaining in detail what each test is aimed to examine. It was useful as it helped the reader get a better understanding of which tests to apply from sorting the students into different levels, to the final examinations the students should and would have to take. It also included the various test options students can take to acquire a formal certification in order for their language proficiency to be recognised by different institutes in certain countries.Once again this was a useful and interesting unit. However, it was also a quite difficult opinion in my opinion. The main reason that this unit was quite difficult is due to the fact that it contains a lot of grammar. The conditionals and reported speech was a rather difficult topic, because I didn't practise this type of grammar for a long time. Therefore, this unit was really useful to gain more insight the above mentioned grammar. In the end this was a useful, because a lot a lot more about conditionals and reported speech.