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This unit covers materials used in the classroom such as text books and role playing cue cards. Textbooks or course books are common and advantageous, however they also have disadvantages. Relying too heavily on the textbook can cause students to become less motivated because classes become predictable. There are many benefits to using authentic materials, such as menus or newspapers, in the classroom. The primary problem with authentic materials is that if they are often above the comprehension level of the students.This unit is a very good one to have to learn because it focuses on real-life situations and how to overcome these obstacles. There are many different levels of learning capability and knowing different techniques for different scenarios is fantastic to have as a reference. My expectations, after reading this, is that I will come in contact with all these types of learners; from very intelligent and who may need more time and attention. Even in my studies, there are some people who excelled and some who needed support.