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I think it was very helpful in this chapter to have the discussion of ways to teach reluctant learners. I might have focused a bit more on that but I come from a different background. I imagine while teaching abroad most of these students really do want to learn English as this is isn't in their typical school or work day? Adults typically I suppose vs. young children. I think it is especially important in the first days of school to create a good rapport with ones students. That was solidified in this lesson.This unit covers auxiliary verbs, relative clauses, passive voice, and transitive/intransitive verbs. This unit dives a little more deeply into the more complex aspects of English grammar. For example, this unit helps delineate between different uses of modal auxiliary verbs, which is very important for learners to express normal English conversation. I found this section very helpful because complex grammar rules are often difficult to explain and this unit lays them out in a very simple and comprehensible way.