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In this unit I have learnt: 1) There are 4 basic kills:receptive skills- reading and listening,productive skills-speaking and writing. All these skills are equally important. 2)There are two main reasons for reading and listening: a)For a purpose-help us to acieve some particular aim or goal. b)For entertainment-we find it enjoyable in some way. Usually reading and listening may be a mix of the both motives. 3)There are some main problems during the teaching procces of receptive skills: a)Language. Preteaching vocabulary-teach your students difficult/unknown words or sructures of the language. Teach them how to understand the text without understanding every single word. b)Topics. The topic of the text also help to motivate the students. Its important to choose interesting topic and for that it is important to know your students c)Tasks. A good task it is not to difficult and not to easy. It has to be challenging, but achievable.