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Unit 2 was devoted to Parts of Speech, which are classified into: 1) Nouns (common, proper, compound, abstract, and collective) with their sg / pl forms rules and countability vs.uncountability; 2) Adjectives (+ comparative & superlative forms, incl.irregular ones), with the main formula of word order in a sentence (size - age - colour - material + N); 3) Articles (Definite, Indefinite, and Zero), with their correct usage; 4) Verbs (transitive and intransitive), including infinitives, aux., base / past s./past part. & present forms; 5) Adverbs (of manner, place, time, degree, frequency, comment, attitude, viewpoint, adding, limiting, etc), with the correct order in a sentence (place- manner - time); 6) Gerunds (opposed to Pres.Part, which is a verb structure); 7) Pronouns (personal, possessive, reflexive, and relative); 8) Prepositions (of time, date, movement, place and position) & Conjunctions (joining word pairs or clauses).