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Before tackling this unit, Future Tenses, I had thought that it would be similar in structure to the present and past tenses units. In a sense, I was mistaken. This unit covers far more complex ideas, especially because they deal with time frames/periods. For the most part, the four main tenses (Future simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous) follow the same format as the present and past tenses. For the three new tenses covered, specifically one new and two old with new connotations, this is where the unit becomes a bit more challenging; having the introduction of the 'Be going to' tense, as well as the new future implications with the present simple and present continuous tenses. it is nice to note that for the most part each section (present, past, future) for the four main tenses follow the same format with little variation to make it less confusing and more structured for teaching/learning.