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This Unit has taught me about teaching conditionals. Zero conditional when using if/when + present tense. Referring to action and facts.First conditional if + present simple, talking about a real situation in the future. Such as 'if he works overtime every night, he will be able to afford christmas'. Second conditional if + past simple, would/could/might + base form, helps talk about a hypothetical situation that is true or untrue. Such as 'If I had an airplane, I could fly to the bahamas'. Third conditional if + past perfect, would/could/might + have + past particle. Referring to a hypothetical past action that would result in a hypothetical past consequence. Such as 'I would have been good at basketball, if I had lessons'. Mixed conditional if + past perfect, would + base form. Referring to a hypothetical past action with a hypothetical present consequence. Such as 'If I had eaten that bad food, I would be sick now'.