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There are many forms of the future tense. The usages of each of these forms of the future tense were at times difficult to differentiate between, and I can see how the future tense may cause confusion for non-native english speakers. For this reason, I paid extra attention to the common errors such as the common misuses of the future perfect tense. The most common forms of the future tense are \"Be going + Infinitive\" and the present continuous. As with all other tenses, the future tense and it's many forms can be understood as either Affirmative, Negative or Question. For example, the affirmative future simple could be \"I will dance.\" The negative, I \"I will not dance.\" And Question, \"Will you dance?\" In Unit 8, I found the teaching ideas especially useful. I believed that using fortune telling activities to demonstrate the future simple tense was a great way to engage and encourage student participation.