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In learning about the various activities that can be done with various groups of children, I learned a lot about what it is good and what it is not good to do with them. I was surprised to see that 9 to 13 year olds do not want music or dance and less pretending. However, I learned about the differing learning theories : maturation theory, environmental theory, constructivism, and cognitive development theory. I also learned that young learners don't learn as quickly as older learners. This was surprising to me because I have always heard that the younger the child is, the better they will learn a second language. Obviously, the younger the child is, such as \"group 1\" from 5-9 years old, the more noise and interaction they are going to require, as we learned in this unit. Overall, I learned a lot about developmental theories, language acquisition, adopting approaches, the learning environment, and maturation.