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This unit circulates around the five different types of conditionals as well as the uses of each form along with reported speech and direct speech. This is an important unit to every student as it is the basis of speech and how to use it correctly. On a personal note, this unit provides me with teaching ideas of how to elicit clear examples to my students as well as teaching ideas for reporting speech through the use of group work and role play activities which will be crucial for everyday use.There was some good points in this unit, expecially it was interesting to get a list of all different kind of tests and their purposes. But again I felt that the questions about the evaluation were not so good. They are like really detailed and in my opinion didn't test about my knowledge about evalutation but only if I had read the unit. This just came to my mind, because it said in this unit that sometimes teachers feel that tests can be more of a memory test than a test of actual knowledge.