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This last essential section of grammar to the EFL teaching covers the basic rules of Modal Auxiliary Verbs with a useful table of uses and tenses and teaching ideas. It also covers the difference between the Active and the Passive voice with the different passive formations depending on tenses. In a third part, the Relative clauses explained with their Defining and Non-Defining forms. To finish, the three types of Phrasal Verbs are quickly explained. These are advised to be taught as vocabulary items due to their numbers and complexity and revised throughout the course.The video for this unit was the best so far, but it's emphasis on activate teaching skills should have been tested in the quiz because the lecture and the written spent an inordinate amount of time discussing them. Also, I had never encountered some of the rules in the text, such as when you should use for as opposed to since. I'm glad that the lessons appear to build on one another. For example, I have now memorized what present and past participles are. I like it when they give the teaching examples with the grammar and usage as opposed to teaching it in a vacuum.