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From this unit,I've learnt four present tenses:present simple,present continuous,present perfect and present perfect continuous.And the structure of each tense,the usage of each tense and some good activities for teaching those tenses.And also some typical students errors in each tenses and how to correct them during teaching. Present simple: Subject + base form and use for talking about daily routine ,facts,directions and instructions and so on.For example:I get up at 7 o'clock everyday. Present continuous:Subject+ Aux.verb(be)+verb+ing use for describing an action that is in progress at the time of speaking,developing situation and so on .For example:I'm watching a movie now. Present perfect:Subject+Aux.verb(have/has)+past participle .For example: I've lost my keys. Present perfect continuous:Subject+Aux.verb(have/has)+Aux.verb(been)+verb+ing. For example: I've been working here since 2013.