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In this unit we see two completely different lessons. In the first lesson the teacher in uninterested, abrupt, authoritative and condescending. Honestly, it was quite painful to watch. In the second lesson the teacher is engaged, happy, respectful and levels with his students. It keeps the students motivated and happy. Also, the teaching methods are very different and the lesson is well prepared. Although I suspect the first lesson is 'staged', it does show some pitfalls of teaching to students below your level.This unit is explaining about how to teach pronunciation and phonology. It is important for students to learn correct pronunciation of words as wrong pronunciation makes other people confused on the sentence's meaning. On the other hand, teacher should undersrand and shows clearly how the intonation differs in various situation. Moreover, learning phonetics is an useful way for students to learn the pronunciation of a word. This also helps them learn new vocabulary in the future when they are using a dictionary.