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We discuss course books and other language materials in unit 9. The use of course books is a very difficult subject as many people have different opinions. For example, some people suggest that course books should not be used at all in the class while others base all their lessons around them. Course books are beneficial because they provide lessons graded to the level and needs of the students and the give an overview of the semester in the syllabus. They are also tried and tested to see if they are effective and make lesson planning easier for the teacher. On the other hand, students may become bored with the repetition in course books and therefore not want to use them. This repetition can also make lessons become predictable. The teacher can become lazy and depend on the course book too much, therefore not creating new and beneficial activities for the students. Also, course books can be controlling of lessons and prevent the teacher form focusing on specific needs and problems of the students. When selecting course book activities the teacher should consider whether the materials are going to be effective for the students. When the materials are not effective the teacher can either add supplementary materials such as work books, replace the activity with a more suitable one, or completely omit the activity from the lesson.