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This unit tells us about the many roles of the teacher and the learner. There are certain considerations described when teaching adult learners. We learn the ways the groups can be organised for teaching. We  see some advantages and disadvantages in teaching adults. This unit also tells us about differences in teaching groups and individual clients. This unit reminds us of the importance of covering the same skill areas as any general English course (the receptive and the productive skills). Then we can see some teaching methods and their overview.This unit covered the various past tenses. The structure of forming past tenses is very similar to forming present tenses, the main difference is that the past tenses obviously refer to periods of time in the past. Prior to reading the material, I had never noticed that the past perfect continuous was rarely used. I found the example ideas for activate stage activities to be very helpful, including the ones mentioned in the corresponding video for this unit. I also found the sections discussing commmon student mistakes/errors to be very helpful.