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In this unit I learned about different theories of teaching along with constructive forms of teaching. I enjoyed learning about the variety of methods used to teach over the corse of history and into today. However, I enjoyed learning about the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) teaching style more. I liked reading through all the examples of how to implement such a study program into the classroom. I can see how this method could become predictable, however it leaves a lot of creativity up to the instructor in order to continuously make it interesting.During the Unit, different kinds of equipment and Teaching aids are discussed, both those that can be found in the classroom as well as online resources that have to be prepared ahead of time for the class. The equipment presented ranges from traditional boards, resource books, visual aids and worksheets to there more modern video camera, computers and videos as means to enrich the classroom experience. I found the Online resource section very useful as it provides a considerable amount of material that might come of use for students of all levels.