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Reading and listening, the two receptive skills. This chapter made me think a bit more about things i normally more or less take for granted. But in reading this chapter I think I have gained a little bit more understanding about how we actually read and listen and ways to use that information in order to better teach the students. Be it in the choosing of texts or audio or the level of the material, it will all affect the students in one way or another. And if I as a teacher can predict and use that I think the end result will be that much better.This unit has taught me about the past tenses. They are similar to the present tenses, there are some differences but when you study to see the whole picture it is easy to understand the structure of the language. Past simple form adds \"ed or d\" to regular verbs. Past continuous form adds was/were behind the subject and \"ing\" as the ending of the verb. Past perfect form adds had behind the subject and writes the verb in past participle. The past perfect continuous form adds had been after the subject and adds \"ing\" as the ending of the word.