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In this unit we take a close look at teaching pronounciation and phonology and we understand how it is ovelooked by most teachers with the excuse that there are so many different meanings attached to different pronounciations that it can result in the students getting confused. I agree that it can be confusing to tell a new student the meaning of a word and at the same time explain how it means something else in different situations but we need to take into account that without this knowledge the student will not be fully immersed in the language.There are four verbs which are sometimes auxiliary verbs: be, do, get, and have. They are used mainly to add meaning to a main verb, for example by forming a continuous tense, a passive, a negative, or an interrogative. They are also used to add meaning to a clause, for example by helping to form question tags.There are eleven modal verbs in English. They are used to add meaning to a main verb, for example to indicate how certain or possible something is, or how frequently something happens, or whether a course of action is recommended or allowed.