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This unit was about productive skills. They are speaking and writing. During teaching these skills teachers have to teach accuracy and fluency, they are both equally important for learning a language. There are tree types of speaking activities that can be used: controlled activities; guided activities; creative communication. Teacher has to encourage his/her students to speak trying to deal with and overcom all the reluctance problems that might occure. Teaching writing is important as well, it includes teaching handwriting, spelling, layout and punction, creative writing.This unit was about coursebooks and lesson materials and how to best select materials for a class. It was helpful to see all the advice given and the encouragement given to not always stick with the way the book does things but to instead consider omitting, adapting, replacing, or supplementing materials to help make the classes better for the students by adapting to their needs and continuing to engage them in class with interesting material. It was also helpful to see the benefits native materials versus created materials and vice versa in terms of helping the students.