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This unit provided me with various ideas for what types of themes I could use as the focus of my lesson with my business English students. For instance, I could choose to focus on formal speech by using worksheets to show the difference between familiar (speaking to family members/friends) and professional speech, followed by role-play activities with a receptionist speaking to a client on the phone. I can also pull company financial reports from the Internet to use as a reading comprehension exercise. These are just a few of the good examples this unit provided me with.Use first lessons as a way of building rapport with students and trying to get to know their interests. Don't just jump into lessons; instead, use games such as pass the ball or hangman to break the ice. If you have students with different levels, it is advisable to have strong students paired with weaker ones so that they can teach the weak student and the weak student can learn the knowledge. If there is a large class, project your voice and maintain control. Don't focus too much on one individual student. If they start speaking their own native language, discourage that.