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In this unit I have discovered that there are twelve tenses if you go into full dept instead of just the basic three. Most of these tenses we use in our daily lives naturally without even noticing it. This unit will help me a great deal with teaching day to day as they gave me a few scenarios and prepares one to look out for certain errors/mistakes of students and teachers. The Form, Usage,Typical student errors and Activate stage teaching ideas are just a few of the great helpful materials given in this unit.The first video in Unit 10 was a recorded lesson of an English class of Thai students. In the first video, the teacher made multiple mistakes to show how these mistakes will make the English lesson ineffective. It was very interesting to see the difference in the student's participation between the two lessons. The second video was a recording of an English class taught well. Not only were the students in the second video participating more, they understood and learned more than the students in the first video.