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I found this unit quite useful with regards to choosing course materials. A teacher may often not know what to use during a lesson to make that lesson more interesting and understandable. This unit helps a teacher to understand how to choose the right materials and also gives a few good examples about what can be used. I specifically enjoyed the video as it gives more examples of materials which can be used, as well as their advantages and/or disadvantages; also how to choose the desired materials for a lesson.Reviewing present tenses of verbs is always a valuable thing for any English teacher to do. The many different tenses in English can trip up even fluent speakers sometimes, and thus, it is especially useful to be careful when teaching these tenses to students who are learning English as a second language. Even myself, while I can recognize the different tenses, sometimes forget the names assigned to them. So having a unit like this is useful to remember these parts of speech and have a reference for the future.