TESOL Jobs Kawachinagano Japan

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I think I learnt that games and other classroom activities can be an useful tools in helping students learn. Considering that students enjoy a productive, comfortable and motivating learning environment, utilizing games that increase motivation can motivates student to improve their English. I also enjoy the part about accuracy and fluency, though I would prefer be able to improve and incorporate both skills into the student's arsenal over time as that would help them become more articulate.The content in this unit goes over the need of a lesson plan and how it can help structure and guide the class towards the learning they need. What I learn from this unit is to not overly depend on the lesson plan, but use it to help guide you in teaching the students. It is best to also be flexible with your lesson plans because there will be changes during the lesson plan. This unit also presents examples and task materials to help give visuals of what a standard lesson plan would look like.