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Having already worked through the tense systems for present and past tense, I think the future tenses are relatively straight forward, since they follow a similar pattern. The \"be going\" tense is the only one that is not analogous to a previously tackled tense. One potential item of confusion is the use of present tenses (simple and continuous) to indicate events that will occur in the future, especially since present continuous is one of the most frequently used tenses when referring to the future.This unit discusses the different forms of the present tense. This lesson is vital for the teachers to learn because it is often required to teach these tenses and the students frequently require specific names for each form. The lesson also discusses the negative form of each tense and the question forms. I have personally benefited from learning the different names of each tense because as a native speaker I naturally use the forms but did not not how to explain each form or the names of the tenses.