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It is important for English teacher to study about tenses. As we know, there are three different times in English, such as the present tense, the past tense and the future tense. After studying this chapter, I ?m more familiar with the present tense. We should know how and when to use the present tense in order to explain it to the students more clearly. Moreover, understanding more about the present tense can help the students both in reading and writing which describe the present stories.I am pleased to learn the various teaching aids and their uses. I am so interested in keeping in my mind theither techniques and procedures on how to use it. I would be able to utilise them in my career in the future. The interesting part of the lesson is the detailed information on how to use the visual aids in teaching ESL and how to improve the learning process of the students. I mam very excited to apply the things I had gained from the training. Thank you for sharing the knowledge to me.