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Probably the most interesting unit so far. Most paragraphs reminded me of situations when I was in class, and how some critical situations could have been avoided by the use of different discipline and attitude from my teachers, while I also understood why some of my teachers were acting this or that way. For example, why it never worked when they were yelling at us or keeping too much distance from us. And why others remained \"too\" calm in situations were I would have burst out in anger.I am surprised that, even though I have spent a considerable time as a teacher, there were pointers in this Unit that I have entirely overlooked. I can understand the dynamic of seating, teacher/student relations and interactions in the particular field of TESL as apposed to the traditional dynamics in the States both at the college and intermediate level. This unit has given me a desire to teach \"on location\" instead of just computer teaching as well as eagerness to get back into teaching.