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This unit discusses the many different types of present tenses, their usages, and examples of how to teach them. With each tense it goes into detail about how to use it in an affirmative sentence, a negative sentence, and a question. It also discusses the different situations in which you would use each tense. The examples of how to teach each tense described different activities that you could use in the activate stage of teaching, such as games, role-playing or work sheets.It was refreshing to see the usages of past tense verbs. It helps to show how words are put together to form a past tense sentence. Although the \"Activate\" games help, I can see how a teacher would still need a bit of prep time in building these games to help their students. I think these games would work well for intermediate and advanced students learning English but, for young beginners, I can see how there would be a lot of confusion with the based word + past tense.