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This unit is a great primer on actual teaching techniques. Getting to know lesson structure in unit three is very helpful, but to see more examples of these techniques in action really helps bring it together. Especially useful is seeing full examples of the boomerang and patchwork lesson structures at work. Then seeing how to tie those into specific lesson objectives really makes forming concepts for lesson plans a great deal easier. This unit was exceptionally helpful in putting all the concepts we have seen so far together and making them work.In this unit I have learnt about the different techniques to use when teaching specific groups such as the beginner, young learner. It also highlights the dynamics of the classroom environment and how the teacher can incorporate different creative ways to motivate the learners and make learning/teaching fun. I have also learnt about the business clients, understanding thier needs and grouping them according to their specific need/job type. Undertsanding the pyschology of adult behaviour towards learning is also a great benefit for the EFL teacher.