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Unit 19 discusses the important things to know about teaching special groups. Depending on the age of students, the purpose for learning English, etc. some teaching methods will be more effective than others. Methodology and techniques, possible problems, and motivation of each group may differ and it is essential that the teacher is aware how they differ and what things do and do not work with each group. In addition to the teaching methods used, there are also more suitable activities and homework assignments based on the kind of group and age.This unit offers insight into a part of our formal responsibilities as teachers. Examinations are some of the less exciting parts of teaching. However, as much as it's stressful, examination can also be rewarding as teachers get to see just how far the students have come. After reading the unit I realize I'll have to learn to be flexible enough to follow examination policies and schedules of whatever institution I am teaching in or through. I also realize that examinations and progress tracking will have to be crucial parts of the class syllabus.