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This unit helped me to understand the different phonetic structures of the English language. It also, expanded my understanding on the phonology of the language works and how to better teach it and explain it to my future students. Another thing that I also learned in this unit is how to identify the stress and the contractive stress in a sentence and how to improve them by using different types of techniques. Another subject that was of great interest to me is the intonation because depend how you say or express a word the whole meaning of it can change or be completely different.This Unit gives a comprehensive introduction of various teaching methods that can be used to design an EFL lesson. It describes positive and negative aspects of many of those methods and reminds the reader (teacher) that the circumstances of his students (e.g. age, culture and most important level of proficiency) are important for determining which method is most suitable. Furthermore, the unit introduces the ESA principle, which is described as the dominating teaching method throughout this entire TEFL course. Examples of various of the described teaching methods are given as well.