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This unit helped me gain a better appreciation for how my lesson plans should be arranged, particularly with regard to the study phase. I have also identified the need to distinguish between activities appropriate for the Engage phase and (elicitation) activities appropriate for the study phase. That said, I still need to reflect further on the critical differences between the two. For example, my students respond well to 21 Questions. My challenge is to determine whether 21 Questions and other activities I use belong in the Engage phase or the Study phase.This unit is very useful, i'd learned the different types of classes. They are all five types of classes: Beginners, Individuals, Young Learners, Business English, Monolingual vs Multilingual. The one I most like is the Younger Learner, because is the teaching type I almost do, so this was an interesting unit, how the teacher may behave in each of this type of class is essential to the progress of the students, always to motivate the students to talk in English rather than their native language. Always make the class fun and prepare lots of activities for them.