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The basic grammatical structure of English is often overlooked by native speakers. I was surprised by having to remember parts of speech. It helps to see the initial difficulties for a learner of English. The common rules and uncommon exceptions are rather numerous and reminded me of how long it took to proficiently communicate in Spanish as a second language. It helps to have the ability to break down sentences to explain grammar structure, and to be able to articulate the reasoning behind certain exceptions.Good eye contact in the classroom is essential to establish good rapport with the students.Good use of gestures can convey the meaning of language.It reduce the need for verbal explanation.Your voice should change naurally according to the circumstances.Students name can be used when you want to organize an activity,acknowledge the students,indicate who is to answer and get the attention of the student.Teacher can group the students as whole class groupng,students working on their own,pair-work and group work.