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Lesson planning is helpful for both the student, and the teacher. It assists the teacher to firstly outline all they want to cover in the lesson, what activities that will assist the students to learn the teaching point, and to allocate time within the allotted lesson period. For students it is helpful because the teacher will be more efficient and will structure a lesson to maximise the learning of the students. Teachers can also use past lesson plans to recall what has been covered, so that future lessons are varied and in line with a syllabus.This unit was about the future tenses. It is more confusing to me than the other tenses because there a manly ways of using the present simple and present continuous but as a future tense, so it is confusing to explain when I still can't quite differentiate between them I need to study this unit more and practice because when I start to explain it to someone I get confused and need to go back and check my notes. I though \"would\" and \"could\" would be part of this unit but I was surprised that they were not. Maybe they will be in Conditionals.