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Coursebooks and lesson materials are an integral part of teaching. A teacher however has to be creative when it comes to material usage , this will enable the material to be imparted in a practical manner where students can understand clearly. It is also important to note that not every material within a coursebook is suited and this where creativity is very important. But these materials are important because they guide a teacher in how she teachers her students. In order to carry out specific activities guidance is very importantThis unit explains the different methods that can be used to teach an ESL lesson. It also describes some of the critical interjections that a teacher should utilize while teaching and interacting with his or her students. I believe that the teaching method chosen to teach depends on the type of lesson as well as the type of audience. For example, it may be more effective to use an audio-visual approach with younger students than with adults who might be more eager of using a lexical approach to share life situations or experiences.