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I found this unit informative and useful. I have some experience teaching, planning lessons etc, but no formal training. It has been nice to see that I naturally did most of the things in this unit out of common sense. I have also made note of some things which I didn't do - but can see value in such as standing at the door to greet students as they enter. This unit has been very helpful. The last several questions of this test were a little tricky - but I think I got them right.This is a struggle. This chapter was confusing and I can only imagine trying to learn this as a new English learner. I will need to think of creative ways to break down this lesson while teaching it. I think this lesson together can be overwhelming. It was interesting to note that the Present Simple and Present Continuous were also considered future tense which will obviously trip up some students. I liked the lesson plan ideas including the successful career in the future plan.