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This unit was about the different approaches and way of teaching of new vocabulary and of new grammar lessons to the students.It depends on many things how and why the given structure should be following during a lesson.The already have learnt possible straight arrow, patchwork and boomerang structures make sense to me and I do see the importance of it. Furthermore all the lesson plans which I will be writing must follow one of the structures. Also giving new vocabulary to different group of ages is tough. These instructions probably make it easier to manage.In a non defining relative clause, the information given is not essential to the meaning of the sentence. That information can be taken without substantially changing the meaning of the sentence. Commas are critical in this case and are put before the relative pronoun and at the end of the clause. A defining relative clause makes clear which person or thing we are talking about. Perhaps, they link all clauses in the sentence together i.e. commas are not essential. The information given in a defining relative clause is essential to the meaning of the sentence.