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The contents of this unit helped me be prepared as a new teacher. Especially the importance of warmers stood out to me since I myself felt motivated when my teachers used some warmers at the beginning of the class. However, I wish there were more tips on how to deal with reluctant students. I had problems with some reluctant students when I was volunteering as a teacher in my community and I did not know what to do. So I think some examples in real education field would have been more useful.Unit 13 shows us how to break down, analyze, and communicate the difficult task of accurate pronunciation and phonology. This is broken down in to many areas including intonation (a sentences? pitch direction), stresses of syllables/words, articulation, and which areas/parts of the tongue, vocal chords, and lips are utilized. We are also introduced the phonemic alphabet system in an attempt to relate the sounds found in the English language to the sounds found in a students native language.