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This Unit reviews the usage of past tense in the English Language. Like the present tense, past tense has 4 aspects: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. Each has its purpose and is used in different contexts. Students often find it challenging to differentiate between the tense forms and to the right one. Especially when verbs have irregular past and perfect forms, it can be difficult for students to memorize. Finding the right activities that address the missing link in the students' understanding is essential in helping students make progress.This section went over teaching vocab, grammar, and functions. They brought back in the ESA lesson planning techniques learned in an earlier unit, I believe one of which was unit 3. It listed examples of what you can do for each section with the class to get across either the vocab, grammar, or function concept. It helped me distinguish what vocab to use with each class. I learned more about how to plan a class from this unit, and how to deduce my plan by assessing the students in the class and correlating this to the information for each particular day's lesson.