TESOL Jobs Mogilev (Mahilyow) Belarus

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In this unit I learned about the many areas that could need troubleshooting, such as: students speaking their native language, first lessons with a class, and reluctant students. This unit is especially helpful on how to deal with these problems. I now know that on a first lesson it is more important to connect with the students and establish rapport than to teach. I learned it is better to pair strong students with weak students than let the classroom divide. And I learned that a teacher should encourage their students to try and only speak in English and not their native language.In this unit i have learnt about reasons for learning speaking and writing , the differences between accuracy and fluency , which is more important if any is , speaking activities in the classroom , encouraging students to speak , techniques to encourage interaction . I also got the chance to take a look at typical speaking and writing lesson plans , guidelines for a free creative speaking activity , writing skills , games in the classroom and i was so grateful when i came across the links to the games as i believe they would be of great help when i come to prepare my lesson plans .