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This unit talks about teaching special groups of classes.For example,teaching beginner.There are many types of brginners;The absolute beginner;these are people who have no English level at all,false beginner,adult beginner,the young beginner and beginner without Roman alphabet.Childrent needs frequent change of activity which are interesting to them.Therefore,a good teacher must know how to handle a group of class.Also to avoid too long lessons it may discourage the students(Beginners).The unit explains about how important it is to have a lesson plan for every teacher in order to have smooth lessons in his or her class. Lesson plans also serve as some kind of an administration tool to help the teachers to have a clear record of what he or she has done and what materials have been used. This will also help other teachers to have a clear understanding on what a teacher who has fallen ill has covered. Therefore, the substitute teacher can take over the class with ease.