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J.A. – U.S.A. said:
Studying the English language can be done by various age levels and for various needs. English teachers can find themselves teaching beginners of any age group, young learners, multilingual and monolingual classes, business English classes, and individual learners. Techniques for each learning group vary as the objectives for each learning group also vary. English teachers would not teach business English learners in the same way they would teach young children. The way young children learn and retain information is different as well as the dynamics of the classroom will be different. For example, business English learners most often work a full day and take classes in the evening. They will often be tired and less motivated than those of young children who are already in school learning every day. English teacher's approach to teaching business students is also different as they prepare a \"needs analysis\" to determine how they will teach the class. This lesson discusses best techniques for the various groups of English learners and can prove extremely helpful if utilized.