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This unit outlined several techniques and theories that exist in ESL pedagogy. The unit also posed the ESA - Engage, Study, Activate approach to teaching Enhlish, as the most effective. The unit also highlights many activities that can help thr ESL student and tells which stage those activities are best used. For example, debating is a high functioning activity which requires students to think, speak and write in English. Thus, debates are usually better used with advanced ESL students.Overall, unit 8 has been particularly mind opening because even though I'm very fluent in English, this unit still taught me a bit more about the future tenses and how it's used in everyday life and the correct way to use them. I was also surprised to learn that the present tense could also be used to express future actions in certain circumstances. As with other units it was also very helpful to be provided with common student mistakes and how to correct them but also teaching methods.