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In this unit I have reviewed my knowledge of conditionals and reported speech. they are probably more complicated and complex part of the English Grammar, so it wont be easy to teach this to language learners. students usually confuse when it comes zero and first conditionals. It's our duty to explain well these rules to our students. we can practice conditionals with the help of questions like \" if I were......\", \"If I had.....\" and reported speech with the help of role-plays.This unit taught me the different ways of evaluating the level and progress of students as well as some of the common external exams that they might need help in preparing for. Tutorials, evaluation by students and tests can be used to assess student's language level. The different tests that can be used include progress tests, diagnostic tests, practice tests . There are also external exams such as the TOEFL,ILTS,TOEIC among others for which students might need to do practice exams.