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Unit 19 contained the teaching methods of particular special groups such as young learners or multinational groups. It is very important to understand the differences between listeners and learners. Each target group has different wishes and arrangements for an English lesson. Young students tend to be highly motivated. other groups may be forced to participate in an hour through their work or other factors. However, this Unit was easy to understand and will add up positive new information for my personal teaching repertoire.This unit's points for discussion centered on two: vocabulary development and grammatical structures. Choosing vocabulary is based upon its appropriateness to the student and the task. Grammatical structures focus upon the meaning (what the language means), use (how/when it is used, forms and patterns (formations and patterns in the language), and the spoken and written forms (I am going to...{written} vs. I'm gonna... {spoken}. Lessons were developed for both vocabulary (straight-arrow) and grammatical structure (boomerang).