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There are different teaching techniques ESL teachers can utilize for ensuring students are effectively processing English for the long-term. The ESA technique is most encouraged for ESL teachers because it encourages active learning. The ESA technique also helps students to store newly learned English expressions and concepts in their memory bank for future continued use. Lastly, teachers should always be extremely cautious of over-correcting students, as this can easily discourage students from trying again.We finally have reached the end of Unit 20 and the end of the course. This unit was a nice recap of the teaching skills needed in the classroom. it re-emphasized different points about working with different levels of learners, and potential problems that may be encountered. It was nice to be reminded that one day I might be \"an experienced teacher\" and to be forewarned about different situations that I may find in the teaching of English. I'm glad I have taken this course. Here's to putting it into action!