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From this unit, I get a chance to know on how to teach a class effectively and how to be a good teacher including attitudes, instructions, explanations, voice, monitoring, ESA stages, participation, procedure, teaching aids, learning objectives, anticipated problems and solution for both students and teacher which are very helpful to teach systematically and practically for a teacher in the classroom. In addition, it gives me some opportunities of thinking teaching ideas and the ESA lessons.This unit covered the basic rules for the usage of modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice and phrases verbs. This unit taught me the different uses of the modal verbs with each tense and also I formed me on the proper usage of each modal auxiliary verb. This unit also taught me the use of passive voice and the formation it should be written/spoken in compliance with the tense being used. I also learned the the different types of phrasal verbs and the proper way to speak, write, and teach them.